Xi’an’s International Assistance to Kotor of Montenegro

Recently, Xian donated a professional respirator (Model No. Puritan Benet 840) to the international sister-city of Kotor, Montenegro. While, the Embassy of Montenegro in China and the city of Kotor sent a letter of thanks to our city respectively.


In the letter, the ambassador Darko Pajovic wrote that the Novel Coronavirus is our common enemy and our duty is to fight it altogether with join hands. The significant contribution that Xian made to Montenegro in fighting against the epidemic demonstrates the profound friendship between our two countries. We feel great proud to have such a friend like Xian in this tough time. The mayor Zeljko Aprcovic indicates that “I deeply understand the medical supplies is hard-won, and the generous donations from Xian are even more precious to Kotor.


It is reported that the Skala radio in Kotor had an in-depth reporting regards to the professional respirator that sent from our city, which pointed out  the respirator from China Xian has driven great attention in Kotor, while the topic of respirator has become the staple in any discussion in the past few days. Besides, it is the most valuable and advanced medical device that received by Kotor General Hospital, however, the Kotor General Hospital had only one working respirator before that. This medical device is a lifesaver for patients who cannot breathe on their own. Therefore, humanitarian assistance from Xian has great significance and profound influence on Kotor.


During the critical period of the containment of the COVID-19 in our city, Kotor in Montenegro immediately sent a letter of sympathy to us, which provides confidence and builds up strength to our city in battling against the epidemic. A friend in need is a friend indeed, Xian would like to overcome difficulties with Kotor with solidarity, which constructs a deeper international friendship through mutual assistance.


(See Appendix: Letter of thanks from the Embassy of Montenegro Letter of thanks from the mayor of Kotor)