Yue Huafeng Met with “B & R Xi’an Delegation” from Hong Kong

In the afternoon of June 3rd, Yue Huafeng, Municipal CPPCC chairman and secretary general of the party working committee of Xixian New Area, met with the Hong Kong delegation led by Zhang Xinyu, member of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Committee. Chairman Yue expressed his warm welcome to the visiting delegation and hoped that the HKSAR committee member would exert positive influence on and contribute to the construction and development in Xi’an, and the prosperity and stability in Hong Kong.


Delegation head Zhang Xinyu said that, as a CPPCC member, she had felt excited in seeing the changes and developments brought about by the international metropolis construction in Xi’an. The delegation had brought with them learning and daily necessities and financial assistance for children. They had also done health check-up for about 100 stay-at-home children and children in poverty-stricken areas. The delegation also invited dentists from Fourth Military Medical University to volunteer to conduct clinic for students. They hoped that their initiative can call for more loving people from all walks of life to care for the stay-at-home children.


Present at the meeting were also other persons in charge of related fields.