Vice Mayor Fang Guanghua Met with Ruth Temova,Turkmenistan Ambassador to China

In the afternoon of May 24th, vice mayor Fang Guanghua met with Turkmenistan ambassador Ruth Temova and her delegation.

Vice mayor Fang first congratulated the opening of the Turkmenistan Center jointly established by embassy of the Turkmenistan in China and Xi’an Shiyou University. Turkmenistan, with its rich oil and gas resources and industrial base, is a very important country along the silk road economic belt. The two countries have deepened cooperation and friendship in the “Belt and Road” frame. It is believed that, with the establishment of the center, the two parties shall have more cooperation in talent training and scientific researches.

Ambassador Ruth Temova said that Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the cooperation with Xi’an in education, logistics and communication. She hoped that more Turkmenistan students could come to Xi’an to receive education. As for logistics and communication, they hoped that Turkmenistan railway system could cooperate with Xi’an freight trains to increase bilateral trade transactions.

Present at the meeting was also Cai Lanfang, the full-time vice president of Xi’an People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.